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  • Sukhmani Punjabi Language Course

    Punjabi is the 10th most spoken language in the world and the second most spoken language in Canada. Punjabi is one of the largest heritage languages in Canada, spoken around many families. Sukhmani is excited to now offer lessons in Punjabi. Sukhmani Punjabi Course has designed structured and interactive programs for kids and juniors to have fun while learning a new language and culture! In each class children learn new vocabulary, expressions, and sentences while taking part in various play-based activities. Every communicative lesson is progressive and stimulating, ensured to encourage active participation from all types of learners. Our experienced instructors use a variety of techniques to help children develop confidence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in a second language. We welcome everyone, from the minimum age of 6 years and above to explore and learn Punjabi Language. Small Class Sizes Our small class size ensures individual attention and active participation for increased knowledge absorption, language understanding and social skill development. Active participation is encouraged through pair and group work, supportive and immediate feedback, and an immersive classroom environment. Innovative Education A theme-based program combines educational lessons with in-class activities. Our instructors focus on interactive learning where students are encouraged to ask questions, which will enable them to explore the language using their own creativity and intuition. This approach helps students retain more knowledge, reconfirm understanding and explore creativity. Experienced Instructors Our instructors are all native speakers who have extensive training in teaching children and youth programs in their respective languages. They are highly approachable, friendly, and love working with children. Duration : 7 Months (Dec 05, 2021 - Jun 30, 2022) Note : Classes will held on Every Sunday for 2 hours from 10:00AM to 12:00PM (MST), which will be 12:00PM - 2:00PM (EST)

  • NAAD Musical Classes

    NAAD Music Classes by Bani Kaur - Singer and Music Composer INTRODUCTION: Bani is an exponent of Indian Classical Music trained from Gwalior Gharana which is known by a famous name TANSEN. Bani has completed Masters Degree in Music in 2005 and started training hundreds of aspirants of Music to enhance their musical skills. Bani has been awarded with several achievements and recognitions. She has created many music renditions as her contribution to Indian Music. Also, she is an approved Radio and TV artist. With NAAD Music classes, she represents the true colors of Indian Music. Number of Sessions : 26. OVERVIEW : Indian Vocal music is the classical music of Northern India. NAAD Musical Classes provides the unique opportunity for students everywhere to learn Indian Vocal music from the convenience of their own home through a highly structured curriculum, a clear path for progression, and certifications for completion. Each student require to complete the course listed and pass the exam. TOPICS COVERED: - Swaras And Patterns - Swara Sadhana - Raga - Rhythm Patterns And Swara Patterns - Swara Identification - Swara Mapping - Laya and Taal - Raga Bhupali - Tanpura - Raga Durga



  • Best Digital Marketing | MasterMinds Junior

    搜索 引擎 優化 歡迎來到 MasterMinds 少年 通往數字化明天的道路... 在MasterMinds Junior 我們幫助您定義和銳化您的願景,然後幫助您以一種與觀眾建立情感聯繫的方式將其變為現實。我們的一站式數字營銷、搜索引擎優化、網站開發、平面設計和內容寫作有助於將品牌置於聚光燈下。 我們熱衷於幫助您找到您的創意聲音。我們引導客戶穿越現代商業的雷區,幫助他們在瞬息萬變的世界中茁壯成長。在此過程中,我們利用每家公司的獨特優勢來構建個性化的成功路線圖。與我們談談我們能為您做些什麼。 服務 數字營銷、專業網絡開發、前沿圖形設計、學習管理 數字營銷 超出預期 在 MasterMinds Junior,我們相信創意的力量。我們與全球客戶合作。我們致力於為品牌帶來改變並幫助公司建立強大的受眾聯繫。 了解更多 網站開發 成功的衡量標準 我們相信在 Web 開發方面,形式和功能是相輔相成的。我們已經幫助客戶滿足了他們所有的 Web 開發需求。無論您是有興趣為您的個人網站提供創意提升,還是建立業務並希望在網上創建獨特的品牌和形象,我們的服務都會根據您的特定要求量身定制。 了解更多 平面設計 致力於質量 MasterMinds Junior 提供了創新和創造性的設計解決方案。我們的客戶包括本地企業主以及尋求通過原創設計講述其獨特視覺故事的大型公司。 了解更多 學習管理 教育是為了改善他人的生活 歡迎來到 MasterMinds Junior,教育至上的地方!加入我們的學習冒險之旅,探索教育發展的多元化世界。我們在這裡激勵您充分利用您的學術之旅。 了解更多 內容創作 成為數字傳奇的第一步 在 MasterMinds Junior,我們提供了從品牌和視覺設計到材料創作的所有內容。無論簡短,我們的每個客戶都可以享受專門針對他們的需求量身定制的服務。 了解更多 立即聯繫我們,了解有關我們創新服務的更多信息。 保持聯繫 What Clients Say Telugu Edmonton School ​ Our Telugu School Of Edmonton has switched over to online classes last year due the prevailing pandemic situation. We have tried several tools but discovered MasterMinds Jr., a uniform, consistent and reliable learning management tool. It's simple to use with few clicks. Sharing the presentation, home work documents, interactive whiteboard are appealing. In addition I am impressed with their excellent and quick technical support. I highly recommend MasterMinds Jr. LMS tool for your Educational Institutions. 感言 我們一起工作吧... 提交 感謝提交!

  • Plans & Pricing | MasterMinds Junior